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Danville Independent Schools





Teacher Representatives:  Pamela Hambrick (Principal), Kathy Ault, Norma Hopkins, Destinee Rizutto


Parent Representatives:  Kimberly Velasco and Amanda Hamilton



The SBDM Council is composed of the principal of the school, three teacher members, and two-parent members. Elections are held each spring to select members who will serve during the following school year. Currently, the principal serves as the chairperson. Special meetings are called by the chairperson as needed. Meetings are open to the public.


The Hogsett School-Based Decision Making Council is responsible for the following functions: determining the number of persons to be employed in each job classification, within the parameters of the total available funds; selecting a new principal for the school when that position becomes vacant; consulting with the principal before the principal selects persons to be hired to fill vacant positions at the school; and developing policies to be implemented by the principal in the areas of curriculum, staff time, student placement, schedule, use of school space, instructional practices, discipline, classroom management, extracurricular activities, alignment with state standards, technology utilization, and program appraisal.