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Danville Independent Schools

Dress Code


School kids
As a primary school, it is important that our students dress
appropriately to learn and play. Clothes should be comfortable, easy
for students to handle independently, safe, and not a distraction.




Some guidelines:
  • Shoes should make it easy for students to run and climb. Shoes must have a back; no flip flops or loose sandals.

  • Pants should be easy for students to fasten and unfasten. Difficulty with pants can cause bathroom accidents.

  • Clothing should be appropriate for classroom learning and not a distraction: no hats, pajamas, or costumes unless it is a reward/special event that allows such items.

  • Our students are busy and learning can get messy. Children should wear clothes that can get dirty. We make an effort to use washable supplies. (PreKindergarten and Kindergarten teachers ask that each child bring a change of clothing in a labeled gallon-sized storage bag to leave at school.)

  • The school has the right to determine appropriate clothing for students.

  • Most importantly, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.