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Danville Independent Schools

Non-Traditional Instructional (NTI) Days Information



The Danville Independent School District has implemented a plan for Non-Traditional
Instructional (NTI) days for up to 10 days. In compliance with this plan, we must
provide families with a packet of instructional activities related to the skills being
taught for each of the 10 days. It is our goal to continue instruction at home, even
during NTI days. Your participation and support is extremely important. Your child’s
attendance for these days will be based on the completion and return of the NTI
day’s activities to the classroom teacher. On these days, if you have questions, your
child’s teacher will be available via email or other typical means of communication.
A variety of activities are listed for each learning area.

○ Choose one activity from each area (reading, math, etc.) so at the end of
each day your child has completed four activities from the list.
○ Please be sure to write your child’s name and the date, then initial beside the
activities your child completes.
○ Tear this day off the stapled packet and return it the next day that school is in
session. If we miss two days in a row, return two days of work, etc.
○ Any work that your child has completed on paper should be attached to that
day's sheet. Pictures can also be emailed to the teacher for your
○ If you and your child worked on an activity different from those listed, please
write it down, and include it in the packet. (We understand that students are
working on different levels. Please choose or modify activities that your child
can successfully complete without frustration.)
○ Be sure to check email, ClassDojo, etc. Your teacher may send out alternate
activities on occasion that relate to something they are working on at the time
of the NTI day.

Links to NTI Packets:

Preschool (English)     Preschool (Spanish)

Kindergarten (English)     Kindergarten (Spanish)

First Grade (English)     First Grade (Spanish)